Visit Buffalo – Frozen Parody!

We had the AMAZING opportunity to explore Buffalo a few weeks ago and we cannot wait to share our blog with you! Visit Buffalo invited your Hamilton Small Fries out to explore the food scene, shopping and amazing attractions!

This week we will be sharing two different blog posts – Where to Go and Where to Eat!

We loved Buffalo because we really saw it as the “American Hamilton!” The love of local was very evident to us during our 2 day stay. We enjoyed delicious food, AMAZING architecture and of course – shopping!

Our hearts go out to the families of New York that are experiencing some heavy snow. But don’t let that scare you away from this amazing city! They are loving the snow and so will you!

The Holiday Season is upon us so NOW is the time to head on over for Black Friday Sales and Holiday shopping!

In the meantime, check out this Frozen Parody! We know it will put a smile on your face #HamOnt.

Let it Snow – A Buffalo “Frozen” Parody is dedicated to the strong and resilient people of Buffalo and Western New York. We are #OneBuffalo. Concept and additional lyrics by Karen Healy. Vocals by Michele Marie Roberts. Produced by Visit Buffalo Niagara and Paget Films.

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